Text Messaging For Business: An Important Tool For Increasing Profitability

There are a variety of ways of leveraging technology to improve your revenues.  One of the most important new marketing methods takes advantage of the increasing use of mobile phones worldwide.  Text messaging for business can be a great way to improve customer loyalty in addition to attracting new patrons.

What makes text messaging wonderfully unique is the ability to target a select group of people in real time.  Email messages are convenient, but not every person is constantly in front of their computer, and most inboxes are so filled with spam that many commercial messages just will not get read.  However, people are in the habit of immediately checking their cellphone when they receive a new message.  Often people will see just about any message sent to them within minutes of it being sent.

Text messaging for business really only requires one very valuable asset, a list of cell phone numbers of people likely to want its products.  Such list can take time to acquire.  Starting with one’s own customer base is the easiest way to begin to build this valuable asset.

Customer loyalty plans represent the best solution to getting customers to sign up to be on your text message list.  With loyalty plans, customers are rewarded a certain number of points for each visit, and when they reach a certain number of points, they get a free product or discount.  A business can thus require a person to sign up for an text message list to participate in the loyalty plan.  This can be much more economical than just giving a discount upfront for signing up for a list since a customer actually has to come back repeatedly to earn the discounts.

Once the list is acquired, a business can send frequent messages telling customers about various specials, new products, or events to encourage repeat business.  One can also award points in the loyalty program to get existing customers to share the message with friends.  This can significantly leverage the existing size of a list and transform it into a medium for attracting new customers.  Once a substantial list is created, a business can also leverage that asset to form profitable partnerships with non-competing businesses that would like the ability to market to that list as well.

Text messaging for business can provide new ways to interact and retain existing customers.  A large text message list is also an important business asset that can be utilized in a number of different ways.


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