How Can Text Message Promotion Benefit Your Business

Oct 14, 13 | Posted by: promote on Text Message Promotion

There are many aspects of text message promotion that must be considered to develop a solid campaign. However, it is one of the most effective and also most efficient ways to help you market your business nowadays. In many cases, once the campaign is established, you’re just sending a mass text to your targeted customer base at precisely the right time to help engage them and increase your profits. Now lets break that down to help you understand the basics and what you have to do to organize your campaign.

First, understand that your customer base must be built, and you must be giving them multiple ways to sign up for your campaign. Perhaps you do this after a sale, and maybe you have an existing email marketing campaign in which you can reach them. You can also have a signup on your website and other sites that deal with your business to help grow your text message promotion campaign.

Next, realize that texts have to really grab at the reader. In order to do this, you must have a good concept and a very well-constructed message. Consider this example, which provides you with the overall picture of a pizza company’s text marketing campaign. A certain pizza company knows that people often like to eat pizza during sports games. So, when they have people interact with them and order pizza online, they offer points to people who sign up and choose their favorite sports teams. You might say, well where are you going with this? Well, 30 minutes before game time of the sports teams they choose, the customer gets a text message about a pizza deal they cannot refuse.

You see, in this day and age, customers often just need reminded and they are yours. In the case of pizza, any person is going to have several choices in their heads. They might choose one more often than the other, but they have done business with you in the past. A text campaign set up effectively is going to draw your customers to you at convenient times for the both of you, whether you’re selling pizzas, party decorations or furniture.

Do you see how it works? Make sure when you’re constructing the message that it makes sense and can be seen on one screen. Also, while many people have smartphones, not everyone is going to be able to access a complicated message. After all, back to the simplicity of the pizza campaign. Order Now! Large Pizza any toppings 9.99. That is just an example, but you can see that is all the customer would need to know from your text message promotion.


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